Off you require to remove then take apart the supercharger, get rid of the sheave while it’s still on the cars and truck. Once it’s off the vehicle eliminate the bypass valve, sensors and anything else bolted on, intercooler consisted of. At this moment you can remove the paint, or do it later, notes listed below on this action.

Next you’ll require to dismantle the blower; it’s as simple as unbolting the snout and pulling it off. When you get the snout off you’ll require to pull the middle section out, the rotors will feature this area.


Now that you have the blower in 3 pieces you can either go all out and break each piece down EG getting rid of the equipments, shaft, etc, or simply tape off locations.


It’s far easier to tape off locations, so as soon as you’ve eliminated the gasket maker on the edges of the snout, middles section and case; you can seal those off with duct-tape. Tape the back of the snout, the gear side of the middle section, then on the rotor section you can cover the rotors in bubble wrap, then tape them up totally, you wish to seal all internal locations with tape. Clean the interior of the case out with acetone on a rag, and carefully tidy the location around the rear bearings, tape those off now, you can’t let anything enter into those bearings.

Now that all the internal parts of the blower are sealed you can remove the paint off, just brush air craft ending up cleaner, and let it sit for 10 minutes, then wire brush the paint off. You can also do this while the blower is still assembled.


Now that the paint is eliminated it’s time to start sanding. I use a 2hp polishing machine with specific sanding grit wheels, this is not practical for the weekend warrior, so I’ll describe the sanding procedure utilizing simple tools, if you’re curious about my specialized polishing machine feel free to PM me, it has to do with a $800 investment and will cut a 20 hour polishing job down to 2 hours.

Step in sanding is to select your sand paper, house depot offers 20 sheet bundles, and you’ll want a lot of paper, buy 80, 120, 200, 300, and 400. You might need to visit a vehicle shop for the finer grits; you’ll need 600, 800, 1000, and 1500.


You’ll require a sanding block, a vibrating palm sander, (not an orbital sander) and some little rates of wood you can cover in sand paper. A dremel with some pointed cone sanding bits and some drum sander bits will conserve you a great deal of time, nothing over 150 grit for this though. Likewise you’ll desire some dremel bit rubbing wheels.

Start sanding, the flat areas of the blower are easy to strike with a palm sander, start with 80 grit and do as much as you can, getting the tough to reach places are tough, you can cover sand paper around small pieces of wood to enter those areas, or you can attempt the dremel. For this task a dremel is an ability tool, expensive an rpm in one spot one 2nd too long will cause a low spot, you do not want this, so be really mindful sanding with this tool.


Take your time sanding, as soon as you have actually sanded the entire blower to 80 grit you need to continue to 400 grit, it’s going to take a long time, but the surface item is just as excellent as this preparation.

Now you’re finished sanding up to 400 grit; by now you’ve probably figured out how to get into the small areas of the blower, if not get imaginative, worse case is you’re just balling up sand paper on the end of your finger, sometimes you have to get that crude for the sake of the completed product.


Now it’s time for damp sanding. Wet sand 400, 600, 800 ...

You’re probably tired by now, you can stop wet sanding damp 800 if you ‘d like, but for however little extra bling additional the finish continue up to 1500 then even 2000 if you ‘d like.


Now that you’re done sanding it’s time to clean the blower, ensure absolutely nothing is on it, use acetone to clean up the entire thing, you must be entrusted a smooth looking dull surface area.

OK here is what you’ll require for polishing, I highly recommend a bench grinder, the more amps the better. The key to polishing is having the ability to force the part onto the polishing wheel while keeping wheel speed consistent producing heat and gradually are superchargers legal moving over the part, you can most defiantly utilize a hand drill too.

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