How to Install a Car Body Kit

Fitting a car body kit

Understanding how to install a car body kit sounds a bit Do It Yourself, however, unless you have had some individual experience, or are blessed with unique capacities when it involves Do It Yourself jobs, the actual installation is most likely better left to a specialist, or at the minimum an amateur who has previous jobs that you have really examined and been impressed by.


Regardless if you choose to take it to a workshop and have the specialists to carry out the job, or get an enthusiastic amateur who truly comprehends exactly what they’re doing, is ultimately as much as you.

That being said, if you are after someone to do the task for you, where are you going to get an individual that’s willing to install your car body kit?


The reality is, that fitting a body kit, regardless of which sort of car you are going to be installing it on, is not for the faint at heart. This procedure is not a job intended for your normal enthusiast.

An apparent idea, would be to ask an individual who already did have a body kit set up, in current times.


There are other resources at hand, among which might not be such an obvious area to find your body kit installer. This would certainly be at among the abundant custom auto fairs, events that are enjoyed all over the location and in numerous towns, at fairly routine intervals.

The explanation for recommending this choice, is due to the fact that you are going to encounter a ton of cars that have in fact had body sets fitted, yet a lot more important, these car or truck fairs are frequented by custom-made automobile fans and enthusiasts.


If absolutely nothing else, you can expect to probably be deluged with suggestions and recommendations from all and sundry at these shows, as everyone has their personal disposition on methods to set about the job and, who is the best to have everything done by.

Car body kits are always part of the conversation on the custom car online forums and message boards. The internet is an essential source for data in the customized car landscape, since custom-made enthusiasts like to discuss their treasured jobs.


Take a couple of hours to take a look around online, as you will not just discover graphics of the different kinds of body kits, but you will likely also discover important details on any difficulties, modification strategies, tips and tips about installation, in addition to the names and organisation varieties of expert kit installers.

The apparent locations to begin looking, would definitely be the yellow pages, or the web. Make sure to likewise ask your body kit maker for the extremely advised dealers in your region or, suggested workshops that might do your job. A decent mechanic will certainly comprehend what kind of body kit suits your car.


Be particular that the workshop you pick, has substantial knowledge of this kind of job and, can do an outstanding task at spraying the kit at the same time. Ask for any photos of past works that the workshop has done.

You require to find out what exactly the body kit consists of, as well as what product the areas are built from. It can be fiberglass, carbon fiber, FRP Composite, Polyurethane, or Duraflex.


The sort of structure will certainly make a distinction, regarding the lorry’s function is, the places you primarily drive the car, the spraying of the kit, details on patches and repair work, and so on. We will discuss such matters in another post.


If you already have the kit, unload whatever in the package, to be sure it’s the proper kit. This point relates to making certain it is going to fit your specific vehicle’s year, make and model.

Make certain to check for installation guidelines, and even a guide with the kit. if there isn’t one, talk with the manufacturer about providing one, prior to you start. This is very important, because oversights do happen and, in cases where some component doesn’t fit, it is never going to. At the very least with a manual, you need to easily find the reason for the problem prior to trying and continuing to require the issue.


You will certainly need to know if it is very important for pre-existing factory parts to be removed prior to the kit will fit. Avoid buying body packages that demand factory pieces from your lorry’s frame to end up having to be taken out, as this simply makes the job more complicated, more protracted, and much more pricey.

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